Frequently Asked Questions paint party


What is Social Artworking?

It is a program where you can discover your inner artist while having a good time with your friends. We encourage you to bring in your favorite beverage while you follow along with a trained instructor. Social Artworking in Baldwinsville

What are Social Artworking classes like?

The classes last from 2 to 3 hours and are taught by trained Social Artworking instructors. They are fun, fun, fun! Not only will you go home with great art but also with a feeling of accomplishment.  This is the perfect place for a girls’ night out or a special celebration such as a shower or birthday. You are not going to find anything newer or more exciting than this to do for an evening.

What does a Social Artworking class cost?

Most 2 hour classes are $25. Three hour classes are $35.

Can I bring my own drinks and snacks to a Social Artworking class?

Yes! Feel free to bring snacks and drinks of your preference to enjoy with your friends. paint and sip paint party

Who comes up with the designs of the Social Artworking pieces?

All of the Social Artworking pieces have been designed by independent artists from around the country, managed by DecoArt, Inc., Social Artworking’s parent company. paint and sip Baldwinsville Liverpool Syracuse

What do I need to bring to my class?

Just yourself and what ever you want to eat or drink. We will provide all of the necessary art supplies.